Sunday, 1 February 2015

Off To The New Church

leicester longwool

Many years ago, a friend of mine said she was anxious about how they would fare in their new church. A very wise minister told her not to worry, re-assuring her with these words

Different sheep, but the same Shepherd!


[These two breeds are Leicester Longwools, and Dorset Downs!]

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Wimbledon And A Wedding Dress

I am escaping the boxes briefly to see my girls - and Liz and I will be going with Steph for her wedding dress fitting. Steph and I had a lovely Lebanese meal last night [Cedars, in Wimbledon] I have left Bob behind - he is putting up shelves and doing lots of other tasks round the home. 
I hope to post a few pictures next week [of the house, not the dress- you won't get to see that till after June 20th!]

Friday, 30 January 2015

Angela’s Adventures In Wonderland


Feeling rather like Alice this week- life is full of strange new experiences, and it is all very exciting. Everyone –old friends at Kirby and new ones here, continue to shower us with such kindness. Unpacking boxes packed and labelled by other people has been a source of great fun. We eventually found the coffee filters and Bob’s razor!

alice drink

The food parcels have been a Godsend- those to provide sustenance for moving day – and the hot meals which have turned up since we arrived. But I suspect that drinking the tiny bottle of Merlot has affected my sense of proportion!  I knew this house was a lot smaller, and have been giving away many things these past few weeks – but I am still struggling to make things fit.I keep putting things in cupboards, only to find the doors will not shut. At least we are back on the Internet and have phone connections [and iPlayer so I can catch up with Wolf Hall!]

alice door

The house here is lovely. The folk from UCF [United Church Ferndown] have worked so hard to prepare it. Right down to repainting downstairs in the exact shade of blue that I’d hoped for. And you have to love the church here which sent someone round with flowers already arranged in a vase ‘in case you have not unpacked your vases yet’ – as well as the church back in Kirby which delayed sending their flowers till Thursday [when they knew I would have unpacked] Such thoughtfulness all round.

We are having to seriously re-think where things go. The ‘lower’ rail in one wardrobe was too low for Bob’s shirts – so now we have split our clothes between the two wardrobes, instead of having one each. The kitchen cupboards are fractionally too small for the storage baskets I used in KM, so that’s a WIP. The single garage is currently absolutely stuffed full [those guys on Storage Hunters’ would love it!] but we are planning on getting a garden shed very soon to house lawnmower, shredder etc [thank you KMFC for making that possible] And I still have a Charity Shop box on the go [don’t need that after all, that can go…]

On the plus side, the airing cupboard has better shelving,and I finally have an understairs cupboard where I can store the vacuum cleaner and the ironing board out of sight.The loft is more easily accessible too. And our appliances all fit in the spaces available, which was a concern beforehand.


I suspect it will be a while before you see pictures. Certainly you will have to wait till I find my camera-to-PC lead. I put the Cheshire Cat picture in just because I love the quote. I do not believe that the people at UCF are any more crazy than the ones at KMFC – but there are times when I look at Pastor Bob and wonder a little about our sanity. In the world’s eyes, following God’s call does seem a really mad thing to do at times – but I have been following Him for over 50 years and He has always led me in good paths.

It’s rained these past few days – and I am happily Tracing Rainbows.

alice adventure

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Off We Go

we're moving
Today they load the vans, tomorrow they take them to Ferndown